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July 2014



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Spooklands is a survival one-finger shooter for mobile devices. In Spooklands, you must master the control scheme and survive the nightmare hordes in three scenarios: Amazonia, Spider's Nest and Necropolis. It has a recoil based control, in which you tap to shoot in the direction you want, and this also sends you moving backwards. Keep shooting, keep moving, and collect a variety of power-ups to aid your quest to get the best possible score.


We started developing Spooklands after finishing our first game, Carmachia. Carmachia was a multiplayer-only experience and it didn't go very well, so Spooklands was made to be a more casual, single player game. We started prototyping as soon as we got our core concept: you tap to shoot forward and move backwards, simultaneously. Killing an enemy should be a double exercise, as you should always care about not hitting any other monster as you move. We called it Project Nightmare Nights until May 2014, when the game was announced with its new name "Spooklands" at the Dash Games conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


  • A survival shooter like no other!
  • One-finger shooter: you tap to shoot to move.
  • Destroy the nightmare hordes, don't touch the creeps.
  • 3 difficulty levels, 3 themes: Amazonia, Spider's Nest and Necropolis.
  • 10 unlockable powerups, including the Fist of Might and the Edible Snail.
  • Beat your friends' scores and challenge them on Facebook and GameCenter!


Spooklands Trailer #2 - Coming out August 21st YouTube

Spooklands Trailer #1 - Announce Trailer YouTube



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      About Luderia


      Luderia is a Brazilian independent game studio founded by artist Cauã Ferreira da Silva, game designer Felipe Dal Molin and programmer Guilherme Ventura. In latin, "ludus" stands for game, play, school. In portuguese, the suffix "eria" means "a place for." Think of "a place for games:" a steak house for barbecuing videogames, or shoemakers of ludicity and playfulness.

      Engraved in our brand as a flying machine, a game workshop manned by strenuous elves, Luderia is more of a state of spirit than a place or a company. It's our will of flying high working with this neo-craftwork of characters, places and virtual legends. That's how we see ourselves: as ever-learning artisans, gamecrafters, "ludhiers", part of a generation that was born playing video games and that believes in game as art, in game as learning and mainly in game as game. Here at Luderia, we plan to make good games!

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      Spooklands Credits

      Cauã Ferreira da Silva
      Lead Artist

      Felipe Dal Molin
      Lead Game Designer

      Guilherme Ventura
      Lead Programmer

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