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July 2014



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Battle Rides: Duel is a competitive car battle game for 2 players. In Battle Rides, the player can choose between 14 different cars, each with a different feel to it, and they must pick up weapons and powerups in order to defeat their opponent. With a top-down perspective, the game is set in car battle arenas of the post-apocalyptical future of 2075. In the deserts and junkyards scattered across the land, the High-Octane Gladiators must try by all means to get out in one piece. Micro Machines meets Twisted Metal in a Mad Max world.

Battle Rides is focused in local multiplayer matches, with a shared-device control scheme. The action happens in small, screen-sized arenas, a novelty that brings a tight fighting-game dynamic to it, turning the "battling cars" formula upside down. Instead of level exploration and hide-and-seek, it's all about good positioning, being able to make the right choices quickly and adapting when things don't go as planned.

Battle Rides: Duel provides for amazing dogfights between cars in an enclosed space, controlled by two friends playing face to face. Players fight for powerups, attack, defend, retreat, control arena space and try to outsmart their opponent in duels that last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Vehicles are always on the move, and there's a variety of powerups to pick up from the ground, each one with a different use and varying roles in the course of a match. As in any fighting game, there are multiple layers of gameplay to learn and master with a bunch of competitive friends. Re-live the old-school competitive experience and master your reflexes and ability to plan ahead; the more you play, the more you discover all the strategic possibilities!


The idea for Battle Rides (previously launched as Carmachia) came from a strong desire to bring back the old competitive experience you get from an automotive battle arena. Taking inspiration from games like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8, the original idea was actually quite different from the end result. It had the same setting and backstory, but with a turn based mechanic and an overall much larger scope.

As time went on, this idea was proving to be a larger project that it would be wise for us to undertake as our first. So, the decision was made to radically redesign the game while still aiming for the experience of the original idea.

The limitations set upon ourselves (technical and otherwise), coupled with ingenuity while having our goals always in mind resulted in game with very simple rules, but with a lot of depth. Much like an incredibly fast paced game of chess, those simple rules ended up interacting with each other in such a way that made possible a variety of interesting situations and strategic scenarios.

Previously know as "Carmachia: High-Octane Gladiators of 2075", the game had its name changed following a legal exchange with a big game company. It is now being relaunched as Battle Rides: Duel, with HD graphics and a new price tag of $0.99.


  • Deep, hardcore competitive play for 2 players on the same device.
  • Novel gaming experience somewhere between Mario Kart's battle mode and figure skating.
  • Unique digital painting-style graphics.
  • Unlock 14 vehicles, 6 power-ups, 5 arenas and 12 colors as you play.
  • Different cars, different feel: try each one and pick your favorites.
  • Two multiplayer modes and a single player Survival mode.
  • Old fashioned "pay once, play forever" model.


Battle Rides Duel - Launch Trailer YouTube

Carmachia Blackberry's Announce Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

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      About Luderia


      Luderia is a Brazilian independent game studio founded by artist Cauã Ferreira da Silva, game designer Felipe Dal Molin and programmer Guilherme Ventura. In latin, "ludus" stands for game, play, school. In portuguese, the suffix "eria" means "a place for." Think of "a place for games:" a steak house for barbecuing videogames, or shoemakers of ludicity and playfulness.

      Engraved in our brand as a flying machine, a game workshop manned by strenuous elves, Luderia is more of a state of spirit than a place or a company. It's our will of flying high working with this neo-craftwork of characters, places and virtual legends. That's how we see ourselves: as ever-learning artisans, gamecrafters, "ludhiers", part of a generation that was born playing video games and that believes in game as art, in game as learning and mainly in game as game. Here at Luderia, we plan to make good games!

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      Battle Rides: Duel Credits

      Cauã Ferreira da Silva
      Lead Artist

      Felipe Dal Molin
      Lead Game Designer

      Guilherme Ventura
      Lead Programmer

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