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September 4, 2012


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Prédio 3, Módulo 14
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Santa Maria, RS - Brazil

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Luderia is a Brazilian independent game studio founded by artist Cauã Ferreira da Silva, game designer Felipe Dal Molin and programmer Guilherme Ventura. In latin, "ludus" stands for game, play, school. In portuguese, the suffix "eria" means "a place for." Think of "a place for games:" a steak house for barbecuing videogames, or shoemakers of ludicity and playfulness.

Engraved in our brand as a flying machine, a game workshop manned by strenuous elves, Luderia is more of a state of spirit than a place or a company. It's our will of flying high working with this neo-craftwork of characters, places and virtual legends. That's how we see ourselves: as ever-learning artisans, gamecrafters, "ludhiers", part of a generation that was born playing video games and that believes in game as art, in game as learning and mainly in game as game. Here at Luderia, we plan to make good games!



Felipe Dal Molin and Guilherme Ventura first met on an online forum back in 2005. Soon enough, their mutual interest in games became obvious, and plans of making games for a living were already being discussed. A year later, Felipe started a Computer Science degree, eager to start making games. He soon discovered programming wasn't his thing and dropped out. In 2007 Cauã Ferreira started a major in Biology, and spent half a year drawing insects, arachnids and space dragons. Later, he gave up Biology, and in 2008 Felipe and Cauã met as colleagues in the Graphics Design course at Federal University of Santa Maria.

In the meantime, Guilherme abandoned both a Psychology major and a degree in Computer Science, making him the record holder for college drop outs. Armed with just an Associate degree in Software development, he started working as a programmer for Accenture in Recife, northeast of Brazil. He really liked programming - just not the kind of programming he did there.

The three of them had an itch, a strong desire to make games, each one in his own way. Cauã drew nouveau aesthetic madness, Felipe elaborated alone on never-seen gaming experiences and Guilherme was investing all his skill points in computer wizardry, but at the end of the day, no one was making videogames.

The founding of Luderia

Luderia was born as a school project in early 2011, but soon the idea grew bigger and turned into a real thing. Guilherme decided he would leave his job and his hometown, move two and a half thousand miles all the way to the south, and be the man who turns game concepts and drawings into living, interactive things.

Cauã worked for half a year at animation studios Dr. Smith! and Otto Desenhos Animados, while Felipe got a job as game designer at Decadium Studios. In September of 2012, the three left their jobs in unison and finally banded together to get Luderia up and running, inside the Technology Business Incubator of Santa Maria.

First projects

The first game by Luderia, Carmachia: High-Octane Gladiators of 2075 (later relaunched as Battle Rides: Duel), draws inspiration from the afternoons spent playing games like Micro Machines, Super Bomberman and Super Street Fighter II on the SNES, Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal on the PSX, and Destruction Derby on the PC. The three guys worked hard to summon the same competitive feeling of these games, and the end result is Battle Rides, a frantic mobile game for two players, available for iPad.

The second major project is called Spooklands. It's a one-finger shooter survival game for iOS and Android devices. Players tap to shoot, and shoot to move, making for a very fun gameplay based around moving, shooting and surviving hordes of horrid creatures. Visit the Spooklands devblog to get an inside view of the game's development.

Two minor games were made in the meantime: Tall Grass, made in 48h for the Ludum Dare 28, and



Spooklands Trailer YouTube

Battle Rides Duel - Launch Trailer YouTube

Carmachia Launch Trailer YouTube

Carmachia Announce Trailer YouTube, Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (43MB)

There are far more images available for Luderia, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Cauã Ferreira da Silva
Lead Artist

Felipe Dal Molin
Lead Designer

Guilherme Valença Ventura
Lead Programmer

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